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Richard Johnson, British actor and producer with a long-term passion for sustainable environmental practices. "I established an organic garden at my country home in the 70s, and my wife, Lynne, and I opened the first 'organic' hotel in Britain in the 90s. GGW will, we hope, be an expression of our long-held belief that it is up to people like us to lead the way."

Lynne Johnson was born in Seattle, USA, and has lived in London for the last 26 years. She is a mother and a graduate of Westminster University, where she obtained a First in Software Engineering. She is currently Programming Team Leader at the Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust in London.

Stéphane Moreau was born near Paris, France and has been working in the UK for two years with Lynne. He says, "We really need to think green and I think we need to pursue solutions for climate change issues. GGW, I believe, can help in this effort."

Katrina Howell, who is British, has extensive experience as a Web Graphic Designer. She is at present working for the BBC.

Natacha Madeuf, who is French, has been working as a Client Campaign Coordinator for an Online Advertising Company in London. "This project is a way for me to act in favour of our planet, using my love of travel, languages and Nature in a constructive way."