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Eco Information

EcoGreen Hotel

Supporting Hospitality Sustainably
Dedicated to helping hotels address environmental issues and implement environmentally friendly initiatives. It is a marketplace with plentiful amounts of information ranging from green products and services, industry green news, basic environmental overview to other tools like checklists, green project ideas, book lists, and resourceful links for a more sustainable hotel.


Dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.
TreeHugger is helping the masses get hooked on sustainability. A place where you can discover how to maintain or improve your quality of life while reducing your harmful impact on the earth. We live green, through education and action.

Sustainable Travel International

Leave the world a better place.
Founded in 2002, Sustainable Travel International (STI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to providing education and outreach services that help travelers, travel providers and related organizations support environmental conservation and protect cultural heritage while promoting cross-cultural understanding and economic development.
Go Green Gals

Go Green Gals

Embrace your purchasing power.
Green shopping starts here!

Simply fabulous eco friendly stuff!
EcoSeek : The search engine for all things green


The search engine for all things green.
Their mission is to connect and educate future-friendly consumers with eco-friendly products, manufacturers and local earth-conscious stores.
Ecological Internet

Ecological Internet

Achieving Environmental Conservation, Byte by Byte
Ecological Internet, Inc. specializes in the use of the Internet to achieve ecological science-based environmental conservation outcomes. Ecological Internet's mission is to empower the global movement for environmental sustainability by providing information retrieval tools, portal services, expert analysis and action opportunities that aid in the protection of climate, forest, ocean and water ecosystems; and to commence the age of ecological sustainability and restoration.
Ideal Bite

Ideal Bite

A sassier shade of green.
The philosophy behind Ideal Bite is simple: If we all knew what we could do in the day to day to impact the planet and our communities in a positive way, we'd do it.

Ecotourism WebRing

The original Ecotourism Ring, since 1998, unites Genuine Ecotourism websites worldwide.
WebRing, a place where 260,000 web sites form 40,000 communities visited by three million people a month.
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