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Costa Rica

Green Hotels and Eco-Friendly Lodgings

There are 37 accommodations listed by country area.


 Finca Luna Nueva Lodge(La Fortuna, Alajuela)
ACTIVITIES: Swimming Pool, Bird Watching, Walking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Yoga
Finca Luna Nueva Lodge
Finca Luna Nueva Lodge is a sustainable rainforest eco-lodge hotel, offering an intimate experience of primary rainforest together with a certified organic biodynamic farm.  more . . .
 La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge(Boca Tapada, Alajuela)
ACTIVITIES: Canoeing, All Terrain Vehicles, Bird Watching, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking
La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge
Come and experience an “Off The Beaten Track” Tropical Rainforest Adventure.  more . . .
 Ecolodge Inn at Coyote Mountain(San Ramon, Alajuela)
ACTIVITIES: Bird Watching, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking
Ecolodge Inn at Coyote Mountain
Coyote Mountain offers guests a small and secluded place--with just 4 guest rooms--and a true eco-lodge-- a perfect spot for honeymoons and romantic getaways. more . . .


 Rancho Naturalista(San Jose, , Cartago)
ACTIVITIES: Bird Watching, Horse Riding, Nature Trails, Hiking
Rancho Naturalista
Nature lodge on 120 acres near Tuis de Turrialba, serving birders for 23 years. About 415 species locally. more . . .
 Guayabo Lodge(Santa Cruz de Turrialba, Cartago)
ACTIVITIES: Cooking, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Cycling, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking
Guayabo Lodge
The Guayabo Lodge is a 23 room cosy mountain Lodge more . . .


 Cabinas Las Olas(Santa Cruz, Guanacaste)
ACTIVITIES: Fishing, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Horse Riding, Cycling, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Walking, Hiking, Yoga, Beaches
Cabinas Las Olas
cabinas Las Olas is a beautiful hotel interested in an appropiate balance between Human and Nature. more . . .
 Harmony Hotel(Nosara, Guanacaste)
ACTIVITIES: Painting, Horse Riding, Weddings, Nature Trails, Sailing, Swimming Pool, Tennis, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Cycling, Kayaking, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Harmony Hotel
The perfect combination of low-key luxury, nature, wellness and sustainability. It caters to upscale people looking for an authentic and relaxed experience. more . . .
 Hotel Ecolodge Lago de Coter(Tilaran, Guanacaste)
ACTIVITIES: Canoeing, Fishing, Bird Watching, Horse Riding, Hiking, Nature Trails, Yoga
Hotel Ecolodge Lago de Coter
Hotel Ecolodge Lago de Cote celebrates the sacredness of life, taking care of the body, the mind and the soul with the help of Mother Earth's Love more . . .
 Villas Sol Hotel & Beach Resort(Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste)
ACTIVITIES: Golf, Fishing, Motor Biking, All Terrain Vehicles, Horse Riding, Weddings, Hiking, Nature Trails, Sailing, Diving, Swimming Pool, Tennis, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Cycling, Kayaking, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Villas Sol Hotel & Beach Resort
Villas Sol Hotel and Beach Resort is an All Inclusive Resort located in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste featuring 54 deluxe hotel rooms and 106 fully equipped villas. more . . .


 Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn(Santa Barbara de Heredia, Heredia)
ACTIVITIES: Swimming Pool, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Nature Trails, Walking
Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn
Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn, situated 1300 meters above sea level in the beautiful Central Valley of Costa Rica, offers 13 unique suites. more . . .
 SarapiquiS Rainforest Lodge(Sarapiqui, Heredia)
ACTIVITIES: Canoeing, Swimming Pool, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Cycling, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking
SarapiquiS Rainforest Lodge
SarapiquiS is a unique departure from the usual tourism experience in Costa Rica. We offer an intimate and vivid impression of the dynamic life within the tropical forest. more . . .


 Samasati Nature Retreat(Hone Creek, Limon)
ACTIVITIES: Diving, Motor Biking, Painting, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Weddings, Nature Trails, Walking, Hiking, Yoga, Beaches
Samasati Nature Retreat
Inspired by the exotic tropical forest overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Samasati is a retreat that offers a total escape. more . . .
 Hidden Garden(Puerto Viejo, Limon)
ACTIVITIES: Game Viewing, Fishing, Horse Riding, Hiking, Nature Trails, Sailing, Cooking, Canoeing, Diving, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Cycling, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Hidden Garden
Vacation in Perfect Harmony with the Rainforest! more . . .
 Global Creek @ Jo Jo's Jungle Retreat(Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon)
ACTIVITIES: Cooking, Diving, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Cycling, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Global Creek @ Jo Jo's Jungle Retreat
Environmental Education and Life-Learning Retreat Centre on the Caribbean Coast. A lavish jungle oasis, a yoga and meditation spa, a place to relax, unwind and live more sustainably. more . . .


 Tiskita Jungle Lodge(Pavones, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Swimming Pool, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Weddings, Walking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Beaches
Tiskita Jungle Lodge
Tiskita offers guests the opportunity to experience pristine tropical rainforest and wilderness beaches on its 800 acre biological reserve either on foot or horseback. more . . .
 Luna Lodge(Carate, Corcovado Park, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Swimming Pool, Fishing, Bird Watching, Horse Riding, Kayaking, Walking, Hiking, Nature Trails, Yoga, Beaches
Luna Lodge
A unique experience is waiting for you, at Luna Lodge, bordering the Corcovado National Park. more . . .
 TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge(Uvita de Osa, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Fishing, Motor Biking, Horse Riding, Weddings, Nature Trails, Hiking, Canoeing, Swimming Pool, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Cycling, Kayaking, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
TikiVillas Rainforest Lodge
Rainforest Bali-style Bungalows overlooking Playa Hermosa in the beautiful Osa peninsulabetween Dominical and Uvita more . . .
 El Remanso Rainforest Wildlife Lodge(Puerto Jimenez, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Swimming Pool, Fishing, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Weddings, Hiking, Nature Trails, Yoga, Beaches
El Remanso Rainforest Wildlife Lodge
El Remanso Lodge is located on the South West Pacific side of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.This area is well known as one of the world’s most pristine and biodiverse areas. more . . .
 Hacienda Baru Lodge(San Isidro, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Swimming Pool, Bird Watching, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking, Beaches
Hacienda Baru Lodge
Hacienda Baru is an excellent destination for Costa Rica Ecotourism, Bird Watching and Wildlife Observation. The lodging is comfortable and moderately priced. more . . .
 Lapa Rios Ecolodge(Peninsula de Osa, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Sailing, Swimming Pool, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Lapa Rios Ecolodge
An upscale 16-bungalow ecolodge protecting over 1,000 acres of preserved rainforest on the Osa Peninsula, an area prized for its biodiversity. more . . .
 Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge(Osa Peninsular, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Game Viewing, Swimming Pool, Fishing, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge
Nestled in the unspoiled jungles of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, Bosque del Cabo is a romantic getaway and a naturalist’s dream. more . . .
 Arenas Del Mar Beach & Nature Resort(Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Sailing, Swimming Pool, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Weddings, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking, Beaches
Arenas Del Mar Beach & Nature Resort
A stunning, luxurious and sustainable beach and nature resort nestled in 11 acres of rainforest with 2 tree-shaded sandy beaches. more . . .
 Dolphin Quest Costa Rica(Golfito, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Game Viewing, Fishing, Painting, Horse Riding, Weddings, Nature Trails, Hiking, Cooking, Diving, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Dolphin Quest Costa Rica
Eco Adventure Pura Vida Style! Enjoy this hidden jungle gem surrounded by the gifts of nature... more . . .
 Gaia Hotel & Reserve(Quepos, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Fishing, Motor Biking, Horse Riding, Weddings, Nature Trails, Hiking, Sailing, Canoeing, Diving, Swimming Pool, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Cycling, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Gaia Hotel & Reserve
Gaia Hotel & Reserve is a small, boutique, luxury hotel with 20 rooms and a 12 acre private nature reserve located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. more . . .
 Finca Exotica(Carate, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Cooking, Game Viewing, Fishing, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Finca Exotica
Lodge for healthy, artistic, sustainable living more . . .
 HOTEL NAUTILUS ,COSTA RICA(santa teresa / Mal Pais, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Cooking, Golf, Swimming Pool, Fishing, Motor Biking, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Kayaking, Cycling, Weddings, Nature Trails, Walking, Hiking, Yoga, Beaches
Private, gated, Wi fi, pool, A/C Cable TV.  more . . .
 Latitude 10 Resort(Santa Teresa, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Cycling, Weddings, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Latitude 10 Resort
Staying at Latitude 10 is like staying with good friends at their luxury beach house. You will experience personalized service and attention to detail in a relaxed, yet classy atmosphere. more . . .
 Hotel El Establo(Monteverde, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Swimming Pool, Tennis, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Horse Riding, Cycling, Weddings, Hiking, Nature Trails, Walking, Yoga
Hotel El Establo
Located on a hillside; El Establo has the best views to the Gulf of Nicoya and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. more . . .
 Cascadas Farallas - Waterfall Villas(Dominical, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Cooking, Canoeing, Diving, Painting, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Weddings, Walking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Yoga, Beaches
Cascadas Farallas - Waterfall Villas
The ultimate secluded Eco retreat, with private waterfalls in a private nature reserve. Luxury Villas set in a tropical paradise with balconies over the waterfalls. Offering Organic Cuisine, and Yoga. more . . .
 Hotel Mono Azul and Rainforest Restaurant(Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas)
ACTIVITIES: Fishing, All Terrain Vehicles, Horse Riding, Hiking, Nature Trails, Sailing, Diving, Swimming Pool, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching, Cycling, Kayaking, Walking, Yoga, Beaches
Hotel Mono Azul and Rainforest Restaurant
Welcome to the Hotel Mono Azul where you can experience the charm of a quality B and B in the heart of the rainforest! more . . .

San Jose

 Dantica Lodge & Gallery(San Gerardo de Dota, San Jose)
ACTIVITIES: Fishing, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Weddings, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking, Yoga
Dantica Lodge & Gallery
Cloud Forest Lodge situated on top of a hill inside the Los Santos Forest Reserve, with eight bungalows, fully equipped and with large windows to enjoy the beautiful views over the forest. more . . .
 Savegre Hotel, Natural Reserve & Spa(San Gerardo de Dota, San Jose)
ACTIVITIES: Fishing, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Cycling, Weddings, Walking, Nature Trails, Hiking
Savegre Hotel, Natural Reserve & Spa
A perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the magnificence of the Cloud Forest. more . . .
 Airport Hotel Costa Rica(alajuela, San Jose)
ACTIVITIES: Swimming Pool, Bird Watching, Cycling, Weddings, Nature Trails, Yoga
Airport Hotel Costa Rica
We are an hotel surrounded by nature, more than 50% of our property is covered by trees and gardens. more . . .


 Amatierra Hotel & Retreat(San Pablo de Turrbares, )
ACTIVITIES: Swimming Pool, Bird Watching, Horse Riding, Hiking, Nature Trails, Walking, Yoga
Amatierra Hotel & Retreat
10 room boutique Hotel/Retreat Center on 8 Acres in the Central Mountains Of Costa Rica, 1 hour from the Beach and 1 1/2 hours from the airport more . . .
 Tirimbina Rainforest Lodge(La Virgen, )
ACTIVITIES: Canoeing, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking, Yoga
Tirimbina Rainforest Lodge
Where education, research, and striking beauty combine for outstanding encounters with nature. Tirimbina Rainforest Center is a tropical science resource and ecotourism destination. more . . .
 Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge & Reserve(Sarapiqui, )
ACTIVITIES: Bird Watching, Horse Riding, Hiking, Nature Trails
Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge & Reserve
Rara Avis is Costa Rica's oldest and purest rainforest lodge, since 1983. Whether learning to understand the rainforest with naturalist guides (included), swimming in crystalline jungle waterfalls, wa more . . .
 La Cusinga Eco Lodge(Bahia Ballena, )
ACTIVITIES: Diving, Fishing, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Kayaking, Nature Trails, Hiking, Walking, Beaches
La Cusinga Eco Lodge
La Cusinga Lodge is a coastal rainforest ecolodge dedicated to marine and terrestrial conservation and environmental education. Its location on the still wild south-western Pacific coast. more . . .

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