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Dear Lynne,

As I write the Copenhagen Conference is about half-way through. Those of us who follow the deliberations at these meetings of the world's great but, sadly, not entirely good, are awaiting the outcome with some hope, albeit tenuous, that the results will be positive enough to begin to apply the brakes to the engine of Planet Earth. At last. Now we must urge our leaders to stop the loco crashing into the buffers at the end of the Global Warming Line. Fine words will not be enough, big and immediate actions are required and the money to support them.

Over 150 new hospitality establishment have been added to the GGW Directory since our last Newsletter. We think our GGW Members are making a statement of growing validity: the more we are the stronger our voice. If you know people or establishments that you think should be part of the movement, please urge them to join us. It costs nothing to Register, we'll build them a beautiful page in the Website, we'll (hopefully) bring them more business as GGW continues to grow, and they'll be up there with the leaders of the worldwide Eco-Hospitality Movement.

Its a Green Green World : green hotels

Richard Johnson : the green correspondent My articles about my travels continue to be published by the Mail on Sunday and The MailOnline in Britain. So far they have printed pieces on Morocco, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Turkey and Argentina/Chile.

We - that's Lynne and myself - have now started to make videos about the places we visit. Lynne has discovered she has a talent as a Cameraperson, as she demonstrates here for our To Chile and Back video, and for our Turkish Odyssey. Several pieces about Member Establishments in Italy will be published in the next few months. We are very excited about the success of our films: we believe they provide hugely valuable exposure for our Members and for GGW itself.

Its a Green Green World : green hotels

Just as the inventor of VELCRO® George Mestral, was excited by the ability of the plant burdock to attach its seeds to his clothing, Bionis takes inspiration from nature to promote the application of Biomimetics (Design Inspired by Nature) to products and services, and its use in education and training. The Sahara Forest Project is investigating how seawater, when combined with the biological know-how of the Fog Beetle, might hold the key for creating fresh water in desert environments. Non-toxic adhesives inspired by geckos, energy efficient buildings prompted by termite mounds, and resistance-free antibiotics following the model produced by red seaweed are more examples of biomimicry happening today. Find out more at Innovation for Conservation.

Its a Green Green World : green hotels

Landowners in several Montana counties have banded together to pursue a 500 megawatt wind energy farm. Landowners have banded together to pursue a 500 megawatt wind energy farm in the Montana counties. Judith Basin, Wheatland, Golden Valley and Fergus will share in the revenues from the wind farm, which will be managed by Judith Highlands Energy LLC and National Wind reports the Flathead Beacon.

The first phase of the development will span 50,000 acres, according to a press release.

In the project, landowners - mostly ranchers - will share both in turbine leases and revenues. Landowners do not have to become company stakeholders in order to participate, reports the Great Falls Tribune.

The first phase will add 100 MW in capacity, while several more stages are planned over the next five to eight years. The first phase will have over 300 turbines.

The next step for the project is to build a transmission line for the project.

From Environmental Leader

Its a Green Green World : green hotels


We've redesigned the layout of our Member pages to include more information and improve ease of use for people searching for that 'just-right', eco-friendly hospitality destination. Our aim is two-fold: to provide attractive and easy-to-read pages for our Members, and readily understandable, comparative information for our Clients.

A significant addition has been a map of the Member''s loca.tion A tab to access the map is positioned alongside the slideshow on every page of the Directory. PLEASE NOTE: very occasionally Google gets it wrong. So, please, if you find they've positioned an Establishment in the middle of Arkansas when it's really in Argentina, please email us the correct coordinates - or just let us know - and we'll put things right ...

We have also moved our server to our own super-efficient London location, equipped with a Sun Solaris server and bags of memory, making our website lightning fast.

Coming soon is our advanced search functionality so you can search for an accommodation by activities, type of accommodation, green credentials, wifi and more.

Its a Green Green World : green hotels

With very best wishes from the Team at
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China's first carbon neutral hotel: immersing you in the soul and character of Shanghai . . .
(Shanghai, China)
(Nr Mendoza, Argentina)
Located in the middle of the Andes, near some of the most prestigious Mendocinian wineries. "A special place for special people"
OL SEKI MARA CAMP (Northern Mara, Kenya)
Set on a wonderful rocky promontory, north of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Ol Seki Mara Camp enjoys panoramic views in an area teeming with game but not tourists
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Boy meets worm 2001 . . .
TerraCycle : Tom Szaky - recycle anything

Tom was looking for a business idea to enter the upcoming Princeton Business Plan Contest, which occurred early the following year. He had his answer, using worms to eat organic waste. He could make a quality fertilizer and address a major environmental issue at the same time!

Living the dream
Françoise Dutheil : Isla las Bandurrias . . .
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. . . the tiny Island of the Bandurrias, located a couple of hundred meters from land in the huge Lago Las Rocas. "I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to spend my life".

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